Bblocks are wooden construction blocks. With a little imagination a child can soon make the most beautiful buildings. Bblocks are made of unpainted wood. Only the best quality wood is used. The Bblocks do not splinter and have no sharp edges.

Bblocks are fun for young and old. At home to play but also perfect for schools, childcare, daycare, etc. There are different packages, from 100 up to 1.000 Bblocks, and in handy wooden toy boxes.

As a supplement to Bblocks building blocks also available are Bblocks Marble Run and Bblocks Marble Blocks. With these you can build your own marble tracks. Can you manage all the marbles go around, change direction, jump to the next track and then let them run back to you? The size of the marble run and blocks are tailored to the size of Bblocks building blocks with which you can build even larger marble runs.

Bblocks. For endless building fun!

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